Truck Mount Side-Shooter

Truck Mount Truck Mount

Truck Mount Side-Shooter are used to spread sand or sawdust in many applications including free stall barns. The Truck Mount Side-Shooter uses a main conveyor to transfer the material to a cross conveyor that dispenses the material 3ft to 25ft.

  • Oscillating conveyor
  • Unloads in 2 1/2 minutes
  • Shoots 3-25 ft, depends on flow control, RPM speed, cross-conveyor angle, and material
  • Dispenses contents from either side
  • 3/16 steel box
  • Optional remote control
  • Triple sealed bearings on cross-conveyor
  • Self-contained hydraulics w/ reservoir
Single Axle Truck Yard Capacity
T 3500-12 12' Truck Mount 7-1/2 yd Struck 6" Higher Box 9 yd Struck
Tandum Truck Axle
T 3500-16 16' Truck Mount 10 yd Struck 6" Higher Box 12 yd Struck
Side-Shooter Truck Mount

Owner manual available upon request