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The Fastest Way to Scrape

The Mensch manure Vacuum cleans the alley in one pass, allowing more time to properly fill and groom freestall bedding. Minimized time in they alleyway means reduced wear and tear on equipment.

In efficiency tests, the Mensch Manure Vacuum was able to clean a 330 cow group (on 3x milking) in less than 10 minutes - including unloading!

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Simple Barn Design

Barns no longer need to have an integrated manure handling system during construction. The Manure Vacuum replaces the need for pumps, augers, and concrete channels to transport manure from the barn to the storage lagoon or process facility.

Reduce Expansion Cost

With the Manure Vacuum, when a dairy expands their facilities there is no additional equipment to buy. The investment in the manure handling has already been made with a Manure Vacuum.

Cleaner Barnyards

The Manure Vacuum scraper cleans the alley ahead of the tires keeping the barnyards and roads cleaner.

Flexible Farm Design

With ever changing regulations and restrictions, manure systems are forced to change. The Manure Vacuum adapts to manure system changes.

Remote Manure Processing

The location of the manure processing facilities is not limited to the ability to transfer the manure. The Manure Vacuum allows the transport of manure easily and reliably to anywhere on the dairy or even near by.


Manufactured from the highest quality materials and components, the Mensch Manure Vacuum is built to Last!

Low Maintenance

The daily routine maintenance for the Manure Vacuum is as simple as a walk around inspection, greasing the scraper head and checking fluids.

Simple Maintenance

The Manure Vacuum's functionality is kept simple so maintenance and repairs can be done on the farm to reduce any down time.

Quick Maintenance

The scraper head is equiped with quick couplers and pins to easily change scraper heads for rubber replacement or overhaul maintenance on pins and bushings. In addition, many grease fittings are equipped with remote hoses to make routine maintenance quick and easy.

Standard Features

  • Heat / Air Conditioning
  • High quality springs on scraper arms
  • Longer lasting rubber on scraper arms that is easier to replace
  • Updated bushings on scraper arms
  • Foot brake
  • Improved auger drive system
  • Poly fenders


Full Suspension

Full suspension provides a smooth ride on all terrains around the farm.

Auxilary Suction

The auxiliary suction hose can be used to clean manure spills, watering troughs and runoff from silage.

Front Spreading

The front discharge spreader allows you to spread slurry manure from the front of the vacuum.

Dry Solids Break-up Agitator

The agitator breaks up extremely dry solids to provide faster, more efficient scraping and vacuuming of dry solids.

Tire Sizes

  • 425 / 65 R 22.5   (standard)
  • 385 / 65 R 22.5
  • 445 / 65 R 22.5


Rugged Cab Construction

The redesigned cab features military-grade components for long service life with no controls on the floor to be damaged by corrosive manure and sand.

Easy to Clean

Easy to clean cab allows for complete cleaning without damaging durable components.

Excellent Visibility

The cab features a large windshield and side windows for better visibility of the scraper head.

Precise Control

The vacuum is controlled hydrostatically with a joystick for moving forward and reverse; this allows the operator to maintain engine rpm for vacuum speed while adjusting ground speed for different manure types.

Simple Operation

The toggle switches lock into position for the scraper and collection wings; allowing the operator to focus on maneuvering the machine.

Scraper Head

Patented Scraper System

The scraper head has a spring centering pivot that provides protection and safety to the machine and facility. Shear bolts on the collection wings allow them to fold around if they hit an obstacle instead of causing costly damage.

Adjustable Pressure

The scraper head has individually controlled down-pressure. With controlled down pressure, the scraper easily cleans up dry, pastey, sand-laden manure.

Collection Wings

The collection wings also have adjustable pressures that float the skis along the curb, allowing the operator to focus on maneuvering the machine.

Curb Skis

Skis are made from durable AR 400. Unlike pull type vaccums and automatic alley scrapers, the Manure Vacuum uses its curb skis to slide along alleyway curbs removing bacteria infested manure. This stops the bacteria from growing and the cows from tracking this manure into the freestalls.

Side Hatches

Easy Tank Access

Side hatches provide easy access to the tank for servicing.

Patented Unloading System

A full length auger in the bottom of the tank allows for quick and easy unloading of all types of manure from sloppy wet manure to dry pastey sand-laden manure.

Quick Unloading

Unloads 3000 gallons in approximately 50 seconds.

Gate Valve

The gate valve controls the rate of unloading for specific applications, like discharging into a sand settling lane, mechanical sand separator, or manure digester.


Tight Turns

The small turning circle makes it easy to turn in cross alleys and around tight barns.

Four Wheel Steering

The operator can select either 2-wheel or 4-wheel steering modes.

Rearview Cameras

Standard dual rear cameras assist with backing up and navigating tight corners.


Instant Suction

The large vacuum blower provides instant suction at the scraper head. No waiting for the tank to build vacuum pressure.

Sand Laden Manure

The powerful vacuum blower sucks up thick and heavy sand-laden manure from dry cow and heifer barns.

Proven Reliability

The domestic made vacuum blower is proven in many demanding and abusive industries such as oil fields, hydro digging, sewer cleaning trucks, and milking parlors.

Specs V2520 V3420 V4520
Tank Capacity 2,200 gal. 3,000 gal. 4,300 gal.
Operating Weight Empty 22,200 lb. 23,160 lb. 25,820 lb.
Operating Weight Loaded 41,500 lb. 50,000 lb. 65,000 lb.
Turning Circle 7 ft. 12 ft. 14 ft.
Wheelbase 95.5 in. 138 in. 156 in.
Overall Length 20 ft. 5 in. 23 ft. 10 in. 25 ft. 6 in.
Overall Height 10 ft. 1 in. 10 ft. 1 in. 11 ft. 1 in.
Overall Width 8 ft. 1 in. 8 ft. 1 in. 8 ft. 5 in.
Scraping Width 8.5 ft. - 14 ft.
Engine 220 hp B 6.7 Stage V
Fuel Capacity 60 Gallons
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 25 Gallons
Standard Tire Size 445/65 R22.5
Parking Brake Spring Applied Wet Disc
Transmission Hydrostatic
Transfer Case 2 Speed w/ High Range Lock Out
Low Range Speed 9.8mph
High Range Speed 20 mph
Vacuum Blower 6 in. Lobe Blower
Auxiliary Suction 15' Long 3" / 6" Dia. Suction Hose
Spreading Option Front Mount Side Discharge
Cab Heat / AC Standard

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